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Our mission at ClearedDirect is to hire amazing, honorable people to help businesses succeed.

We are unique in the Service and Facility Management industry because we manage your business under YOUR identity. We assist in the development of scopes of service, then provide not only the staffing, materials, and equipment but also the on-site leadership to ensure our clients’ ultimate success. We focus on revenue management, asset protection, and industry-leading business practices to lead our clients past their competition, collectively managing the enterprise to Clear and Direct profitability. ClearedDirect is more than just a staffing and facilities service provider…

We are an extension of your business.

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At our core, we prioritize the success of our clients. With a focus on delivering exceptional service, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to meet your needs. From facility management and commercial cleaning to property management, operations management, staffing augmentation, and aviation services, we provide the expertise and resources necessary to drive your business forward. Our team works closely with you to develop customized scopes of service while providing dedicated staffing, high-quality materials, and cutting-edge equipment. Additionally, our on-site leadership ensures seamless operations, setting the stage for your ultimate success.

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The aviation industry is where it all started for us at ClearedDirect, and we continue strong today in providing solutions that encompass nearly the entire scope of air carrier and airport operations. Airlines counting on safe, pleasant, and on-time performance can rely on ClearedDirect for full-service ground handling, ADA services, aircraft & office cleaning, GSE, international, and crew support services. And both commercial terminals and FBOs trust ClearedDirect for terminal operations, security, parking management, janitorial, and airport planning, development, & management.
Let ClearedDirect tackle all the complex and labor-intensive tasks of your operation so you can focus on giving passengers a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Industry & Manufacturing

Our knowledgeable staff works with you to create specialized solutions that solve your specific challenges. We are devoted to ensuring that your production operations are smooth, from facility upkeep and maintenance to security and supply chain optimization. We use advanced technologies and tried-and-true processes, with an emphasis on accuracy and efficiency. ClearedDirect is your successful partner whether you are in the heavy machinery, electronics, distribution, or manufacturing sectors. Dedicate your efforts to innovation and development by letting us manage the intricate operational details.

Property Management

Enter the domain of ClearedDirect property management services, where our dedication goes beyond simple maintenance; we are committed to helping you achieve your real estate goals. Our close-knit staff works directly with property owners to provide individualized solutions that not only increase value but also produce environments that tenants genuinely adore. We’ve got you covered with everything from taking care of even the smallest maintenance tasks to developing good tenant relationships, managing money, and making sure leases go well. We maintain assets in a thriving state by combining cutting-edge technology with genuine caring. Whether it’s a quiet residence or a busy business location, ClearedDirect is a solution to your problems, committed to caring for your assets so you can kick back, unwind, and watch your property prosper.


Learn about ClearedDirect Education services, tailored to fostering enriched learning environments. We have experienced staff who work with educational institutions to provide specialized solutions for efficient workflow. We improve the educational experience via everything from janitorial & facility maintenance to security services. We make sure that campuses are secure and productive by utilizing resources and sector knowledge. ClearedDirect is your partner in creating environments that are favorable to growth, whether it be at a school, institution, or training facility. Experience how learning environments are changing because of our commitment to educational quality.

Business and Office

Explore the business and office services offered by ClearedDirect, which are designed to enhance workplaces. Our skilled staff works directly with companies to design solutions for streamlined operations. We increase productivity with everything from office management and cleaning services & supplies to security. ClearedDirect collaborates with you to design environments that foster creativity, whether it’s a corporate office or a startup.

Banking and Financial

ClearedDirect skilled staff works together with financial institutions to design solutions that are tailored for a secure and seamless workflow. We push client experiences to new heights with everything from thorough building maintenance to strong security management. We guarantee the establishment of safe and effective workplaces by utilizing modern technology and industry expertise. Whether you represent a bank, an investment company, or a credit union, ClearedDirect is prepared to work with you to create environments that radiate trust and stability. Let us handle the complex operational details so your staff can focus on providing unmatched financial services.


ClearedDirect provides automotive services to both businesses and consumers, such as fleet management, minor maintenance & repairs, facility management & maintenance, and janitorial cleaning & supplies. Our knowledgeable staff works together with our clients to carefully craft solutions for streamlined operations and quality results. Whether you’re in charge of an auto dealership, a repair shop, a vehicle rental business, or just need minor work done on a vehicle, ClearedDirect is be happy to work with you to get the results you need.


ClearedDirect Healthcare services collaborate closely with healthcare facilities to optimize their operations. Enhance patient comfort by outsourcing facility management & maintenance, janitorial services & supplies, and physical security. We guarantee a consistently clean environment through daily detailed janitorial cleaning. Our skilled team enhances patient experiences by enforcing rigorous cleaning, sanitization & disinfection, and facility upkeep.
Secure patient, staff, and property well-being with our security management plan, including diligent patrols, risk assessments, activity reporting, and surveillance to keep your hospital safeguarded.

Hospility & Dining

Discover ClearedDirect hospitality & dining services, where we specialize in providing an outstanding guest experience. Whether it’s sprucing up the dining area, offering super attentive guest services, or adding that extra touch of quality to the atmosphere, we’ve got it covered. We’ve been around the block, from hotels to restaurants, and we know how to make every visitor’s stay or meal a total delight.
But it doesn’t end there; we are also the team to turn to for assistance with many difficult problems you might be having, such as worker shortages, janitorial supplies, facility maintenance & security, and even parking management. We understand that running a successful hospitality business requires more than just providing good food and comfortable beds; you also need to ensure that visitors have a pleasant stay from the time they arrive, and that they’ll remember and talk about your establishment for years to come.

Elder Care

ClearedDirect Elder Care services collaborate closely with senior care institutions to provide solutions for efficient operations. We build nurturing and secure settings through caring facility management & maintenance, janitorial services & supplies, and physical security. We guarantee a consistently clean environment through daily detailed janitorial cleaning. Our skilled team enhances resident experiences by enforcing rigorous cleaning, sanitization & disinfection, and facility upkeep. Secure resident, staff, and property well-being with our security management plan, including diligent patrols, risk assessments, activity reporting, and surveillance to keep your facility safeguarded.
ClearedDirect works with you to make sure elders receive compassionate care and dignity, whether you run a community of assisted living, nursing home, or memory care facility.


Our talented staff works directly with fitness facilities to design solutions for seamless operations. We improve the training experience with everything from facility management & maintenance to equipment sanitization and cleaning supplies. Whether you run a wellness center, yoga studio, or gym, ClearedDirect works with you to build environments that inspire vitality and energy. Trusting us with the management of operational challenges will free up your staff to focus on providing outstanding fitness services.


ClearedDirect retail services are designed to enhance your retail environment so patrons can focus on your products and services. Our experienced staff works directly with retail businesses to provide solutions for effective workflows. We improve the shopping experience through inventory management and store maintenance. We guarantee structured and welcoming surroundings by utilizing innovative approaches. In order to design places that encourage customer relationships, ClearedDirect collaborates with you on what you need, whether you run a boutique, department store, or a small shop.

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