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Facility Services

Your all-in-one solution for facility services, ensures top-notch maintenance, cleanliness, and guest satisfaction in any industry.

Commercial Cleaning

Transform your workspace into a spotlessly clean and germ-free area with our diverse services, including Janitorial, Custodial, Deep Cleaning, Sanitization, and advanced 3D Electrostatic Fogging.

Operations Management

We are your expert in Business Process Optimization, strategic/tactical planning, and operational efficiency, including back-office solutions.

Staffing Augmentation

Check out our quick solutions for short-term or part-time staffing needs, plus expert training, replacements, and flexible services.

Process Optimization

Whether you need Business Process Optimization (BPO), help defining company goals, tactical planning, operational management, or staffing support, we've got your back!

Aviation Services

Explore our range of aviation services: Commercial Airline Services, Terminal Operations, FBO Solutions, and Regional Services. Take your aviation journey to a higher level.


Discover our Security Services, your trusted source for safety. Our offerings include Patrol Guards, Mobile Patrol Security, Parking Surveillance, Event Security, and more.


From Fleet Management and Fleet Maintenance to Personal Vehicle Services, we cover it all – maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

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Hospitality & Dining

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Need help with the aviation operations? Are you having trouble behind the counter with a ticket or baggage handling or battling with passenger services? Nothing to worry about—ClearedDirect is here to rescue the day! With thorough cleaning, maintenance, and all the ground assistance you require, our custodial, janitorial and maintenance team are here to keep your airplanes flying high.

We’ve got you covered across the board – whether it’s wheelchair assistance or security services, from cabin cleaning to exterior wash, you name it, we’ve got the tools and top-notch crew to handle it all. So, while we tackle the labor-intensive tasks, you can focus on giving your passengers a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Industry & Manufacturing

To create specialized solutions that solve your specific challenges, our knowledgeable staff works with you. We are devoted to ensuring that your production operations are smooth, from facility upkeep and equipment repair to supply chain optimization. We use advanced technologies and tried-and-true processes, with an emphasis on accuracy and efficiency. ClearedDirect is your successful partner whether you are in the heavy machinery, electronics, or manufacturing sectors. Dedicate your efforts to innovation and development by letting us manage the intricate operational details.

Property Management

Enter the domain of ClearedDirect’s property management services, where our dedication goes beyond simple maintenance; we are committed to helping you achieve your real estate goals.Our close-knit staff works directly with property owners to provide individualized solutions that not only increase value but also produce environments that renters genuinely adore. We’ve got you covered with everything from taking care of even the smallest maintenance to developing good tenant relationships, managing money, and making sure leases go well. We maintain assets in a thriving state by combining cutting-edge technology with genuine caring. Whether it’s a quiet residence or a busy business location, ClearedDirect is a solution to your problems, committed to caring for your assets so you can kick back, unwind, and watch your real estate prosper.


Learn about ClearedDirect’s Education services, tailored to foster enriched learning environments. We have experienced staff who work with educational institutions to provide specialized solutions for efficient workflow. We improve the educational experience via everything from facility maintenance and janitorial services to technological upkeep. We make sure that campuses are secure and productive by utilizing resources and sector knowledge. ClearedDirect is your partner in creating environments that are favorable to growth, whether it be at a school, institution, or training facility. Experience how learning environments are changing because of our commitment to educational quality.

Business and Office

Explore the business and office services offered by ClearedDirect, which are designed to enhance workplaces. Our skilled staff works directly with companies to design solutions for streamlined operations. We increase productivity by anything from office management and cleaning to technology upkeep. ClearedDirect collaborates with you to design environments that foster creativity, whether it’s a corporate office or a startup.

Banking and Financial

ClearedDirect’s skilled staff works together with financial institutions to design solutions that are tailored for a seamless workflow. We push client experiences to new heights with everything from thorough building maintenance to strong security management. We guarantee the establishment of safe and effective workplaces by utilizing modern technology and industry expertise. Whether you represent a bank, an investment company, or a credit union, ClearedDirect is prepared to work with you to create environments that radiate trust and stability. Entrust us with handling the complex operational details so your staff can focus on providing unmatched financial services.


Are you ready to experience ClearedDirect’s Automotive services? Our knowledgeable staff works together with automobile companies to carefully craft solutions for streamlined operations. Whether it’s thorough facility maintenance or expert vehicle detailing, we’re here at your service. We assure the construction of effective and spotless settings by leveraging modern technology and industry expertise. Whether you’re in charge of an auto dealership, a repair shop, or a vehicle rental business, ClearedDirect will be happy to work with you to create places that radiate assurance and professionalism.


ClearedDirect Healthcare Facility Management Services collaborates closely with healthcare facilities to optimize their operations. Enhance patient comfort by outsourcing housekeeping and linen management to us. We guarantee consistently clean rooms and bedding through daily linen management and detailed janitorial cleaning. Our skilled team enhances patient experiences by enforcing rigorous cleaning, sanitization, and facility upkeep.

Secure patient, staff, and property well-being with our security management plan, including diligent patrols, risk assessments, activity reporting, and surveillance to keep your hospital safeguarded.

Hospility & Dinning

Discover ClearedDirect’s hospitality & dining services, where we specialize in providing outstanding guest experiences. Whether it’s sprucing up the dining area, offering super attentive guest services, or adding that extra touch of quality to the atmosphere, we’ve got it covered. We’ve been around the block, from hotels to restaurants, and we know how to make every visitor’s stay or meal a total delight.
But it doesn’t end there; we are also the team to turn to for assistance with any difficult problems you might be having. We have the answers you require, whether the issue is one of shortages of workers, maintenance issues, or parking issues. We understand that owning a successful hotel requires more than simply providing beds; you also need to make sure that visitors have a pleasant stay from the time they arrive. From upscale to casual, we’ve got your taste buds covered, and customer satisfaction? Well, it’s guaranteed!

Elder Care

ClearedDirect carefully crafted Elder Care services for their clients which offer empathetic assistance to elders. Our skilled staff works directly with senior care institutions to provide solutions for efficient operations. We improve senior citizens’ well-being by providing everything from personal care support to facility security and maintenance. We build nurturing and secure settings by utilizing compassionate care techniques. ClearedDirect works with you to make sure elders receive the best care and dignity, whether you run a community of assisted living, nursing home, or memory care facility.


Our talented staff works directly with fitness facilities to design solutions for seamless operations. We improve the training experience with everything from facility maintenance to equipment sanitization. Whether it’s a wellness center, yoga studio, or gym, ClearedDirect works with you to build environments that inspire vitality and energy. Trusting us with the management of operational challenges will free up your staff to focus on providing outstanding fitness services.


ClearedDirect’s retail services are designed to enhance your retail industry. Our experienced staff works directly with retail businesses to provide solutions for effective workflows. We improve the shopping experience through inventory management and store maintenance. We guarantee structured and welcoming surroundings by utilizing innovative approaches. In order to design places that encourage customer relationships, ClearedDirect collaborates with you, whether it’s a boutique, department store, or any particular shop.

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